How Can You Muster The Courage?

cvbnmWhen I look at myself and ask myself ” How can you muster the courage?” I think about my strengths and weakness I have to over come. I have a lot of strengths but I also have weakness. I think that I will become very successful because of all of my strengths and traits.

What I want to be when I grow up is a teacher. The reason I can see myself a teacher because I have a lot of strengths and traits that go with this job like being smart, outgoing and like to listen to what other people have to say. Outgoing means friendly and socially confident person. The weakness I have in this job is some times I can get annoyed easily from people.

The collage I want to go to is Ohio University Athens. The only way I can get to go to my dream college is if I stay successful, keep the hard work up like I already am and keep my good grades.

To be successful in life I have a lot of the advantages like being smart and responsible about my grades. The disadvantages I have about being successful in life is that I talk a lot and that might affect me from listening to the teacher and learning.

How I am going to muster the courage I am going to keep on being successful in life, get good grades, and stay responsible. I am going to learn how to control not talking as much and listening to the teacher so I can get my dream job as a teacher.

February 6th, 2016

Volleyball courts everywhere,
people cheering for there team,
a volleyball fly’s over the net,
as a girl is running backwards,
hoping she can get the ball,
she fell.

She is putting her right arm backwards
to try to catch her self,
sits up and looks at her wrist,
it looks all messed up.

The gym goes silent,
her parents run over to her,
and they helped her get up,
she went in to a little room,
her mom called the ambulance.

The ambulance came and took her to the hospital,
she was so in shock,
she just broke her wrist!

My Monster

poiuytrewqEveryone has a monster in the back of there mind saying that “they can’t do something.” The monster I have in my mind is telling me that I can’t do anything. That monster that is always in the back of my mind. If I go to do something and I hear that voice saying that I get down on my self. I believe that monster and terrified.

The monster I always have at school is when we take a test. I sit there and listen to the voice’s in my head saying “your going to fail don’t even try.” Those words get to me and all I can think about the whole test is about with that monster say. Sometimes I can overcome the monster and get an A but when I listen to the monster I get a F or D. It is hard to overcome the monster sometimes but I just put my mind to the test and try my hardest. An example is when I was taking all of the MAP test I heard that monster in my head. I listened to the monster on my science and I didn’t pass my goal.  When I took the reading and math I didn’t listen to the monster and I passed both of my goals by a lot.

The another monster I have is when I am playing in a softball game. I get the worst butterflies in my stomach. The monster says ” you can’t play softball.” I always listen to the monster before all of my games and it makes me so nervous. When I am out on the field it is weird because I am not nervous at all.

Another monster I have is my writing monster. The monster says ” you can’t write.” When I was writing this essay those exact words where going through my head. The first day I started writing this essay I was listening to the monster and I only got one paragraph. The next day I started writing I didn’t listen to the monster and I got like 4 paragraphs.

This essay made me learn something. I never knew that if you block out the monster you will get a lot of thing done instead of listening to the monster and get noting done. Now I think I know how to over come the monster.



How I Became Me!

oklDark hazel eyes come from my grandpa Don,
as dark as the sky at night time.
My attitude comes from my grandma Ella,
a attitude that never goes away.

My hair comes from my mom,
a dirty blond with a little touch of brown.
My nose comes from my dad
not to small but not to long.

Outgoing comes from grandma Connie,
no care in the world what people think of me.
My laugh comes from grandpa Buck,
loud and a little annoying at times.

My athletics comes from my sister Sarah,
wanting to all the sports I can.
Most of all I get my respects from my mom,
nice and polite like she is every day.


The Man

Old Man (1)He is so sad,
thinking to his self “what did I do.”
Watching them walk away in shame,
tears almost rolling down his face.

Feeling so betrayed,
because his friends just walked away.
Anger and sadness maxed together,
hoping they come back soon.

Starting to feel depressed,
his friend aren’t his friends anymore.
Wanting to go home but,
he has know one to go home to.



On The Mountain

On the MountainSun shine glowing on the mountains,
grass, mountains, blue sky, Sun
wind running through my hair,
a picture perfect view

I look up and see the most beautiful clouds,
they are as white as cotton ball,
big and fluffy,
sun just busting through them.



Train Your Mind To See The Good In Everything

qwer  I picked this sentence because I have a lot to tell that go with this saying. I think that if I couldn’t train my mind to see the good in at lest some things than I would just be sad all of my life. Sad is not the way I want to live my life. I want to be happy.

One story I have that I have to go with this sentence is when my grandpa died. I was so upset that my grandpa was not in my life anymore. I was so surrounded by words like, why was he taken out of my life. That was when I thought of the good. My grandpa is no longer in pain and he is in heaven with my grandma and god. It is hard to think that my grandpa is no longer on earth but I know that he is in a safer place.

I am young so I still have lots of sadness in life but I will keep on putting the good in front of the bad. There might come times when its hard to put good in front of bad. I will always try to see the good in everything.

A Way To Make The World Better!!!!!!!!!!!!!

uiop    There are a ton of ways to make the world a better place. If you just make someones day better than it was before, be proud of your self because you just someones frown turn upside down! Here is a list of things to make the world a better place!

  1. Be kind
  2. Don’t be mean
  3. Stop bullying if u see it
  4. Helping people if needed
  5. Don’t liter
  6. Pick up trash
  7. If someone is feeling down pick them up
  8. Be a friend
  9. Is someone falls help them get up
  10. Do things for you community

That is just a few things you can do to make the world a better place. Do some of these things and you will be a great person.

What I am Thankful for

I love Thanksgiving it is a time that brings family together especially my family. My favorite part is spending time with my family. One thing my family does on Thanksgiving is we all go around the table and say what we are thankful for so that is what I will be doing in this blog post.

I am Thankful For….

  1. I have a family that loves me
  2. I have a house and bed to sleep in
  3. I have Food to eat
  4. That I am alive
  5. I have God in my life
  6. I have a good life
  7. I am healthy
  8. I have lots of friends
  9. I have a mom and dad
  10. I have great teachers
  11. My family has money
  12. I have clothes
  13. I go to a good school

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